Sunday, 3 May 2009

We're getting there

I have to confess that over the winter I spent more weekends looking out of the window at the almost incessant rain, sleet and snow and come the racing season its been showing. The hilly events through March rendered times regularly 2 or 3 minutes slower than in recent years. April's results started very poorly (28 minutes for 10) but over a month have reduced by over 2 minutes. My first 25 of the year (on 18th April) on the Leaden Roding course was 1:13:39, but today I took almost exactly 5 minutes off that in some pretty unfavourable conditions. Combine that with the fact that I discovered I can stay in the bunch on the track even though I'm riding on power rather than being able to stay in the middle and getting dragged along and I guess I finally believe that I'm getting fitter. If I continue racing 3 times a week and training on a tuesday will I be flying come the summer?

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