Sunday, 10 May 2009

Is a disc wheel better than spokes?

After years of indecision I have finally splashed out on a disc wheel. Riding both track and road I decided I needed a wheel that will do for both. Finally I found the PRO-LITE Padova which appears to be about the only clincher disc on the market supplied with an axle conversion kit. After a large amount of wonga had changed hands my mate Dave finagled one at more or less trade price - apparently the last one in the UK, until the next shipment anyway.

So far I've used it in both geared and fixed configuration although not yet on the track. . . that comes on Tuesday.
Is it faster than a spoked wheel? Hmm.... Well the jury is still out on that one. It certainly sounds as though it should be, it transmits every single tiny bump and it feels as though its fast. Having said that, the bike feels lighter and more responsive with a Mavic Carbon Cosmic on the back and given my current state of fitness how would I ever know if it was faster? (Well, less slow in my case). Further tests will be carried out and I will advise of the results - if there are any.

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eddy said...

Obviously we both know of the theory behind disc wheels vs spoked wheels. The idea, especially in this instance with a flat sided disc, being that there is less to move against the wind is a logical one. I personally think that the frame makes more impact on disc efficiency in this instance than the wheel itself, given the aerodynamics of a cosmic carbone rear wheel. Your dolan frame has a fully tapered aero seat tube, and tall chainstays that will increase the efficacy of a disk when compared with a spoked track wheel. Let me know what you find!