Saturday, 19 September 2009


Had my annual check up in the week. Low blood pressure, high lung function, lowered cholestorol, not over weight, Fit as a butcher's dog. Apparently.
So what's on the menu for the winter?
Mostly this winter I are be doing Cyclo Cross. I expect I'll be lounging around at the back of the field as usual if you're looking for me. Long training rides on fixed as usual and a bit of running are also on the menu but you can forget the turbo this year 'cos it won't be happening.
Objectives for next year? Well, obviously a third Paris Roubaix Cyclo, a better 100 (perhaps we'll try the Kent CA again) another crack at a 12 hour perhaps and possibly Tro Bro Leon (in Lannilis, Western Brittany) for a change. Work rather got in the way of the track season this year and considering the way things are going at the moment, will probably wipe next year out as well. Never mind, I suppose you can't have everything. In between all that lets hope for a warm summer and some long weekend touring rides, maybe on the tandem this year.

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