Sunday, 14 December 2008


I went out for a run Wednesday lunchtime, something I do regularly throughout the winter. As usual for about 45-50 minutes, as always cross country – never on the road and as usual poochie came too. I never take him running on a lead and he normally does about twice the distance I do before collapsing on his mat in the living room. I don’t usually push it, the purpose is just to keep the fitness ticking over so in 45 mins I reckon to do about 4 to 4 ½ miles.

Wednesday, however, may have been a run too far. The ground was mushy with a thick layer of leaves and I was slipping about all over the place. I altered my route to avoid the worst of the mud and only stayed out for 35 minutes or so. When I got home my left knee hurt whenever I put any weight on it but did feel better later on. This was probably a result of either slipping about in the mud of running on uneven ground when you can’t see what’s there. It’s been fine since when just walking around although occasionally there’s a twinge behind the knee cap and getting up off the sofa can be…er….interesting.

So. Whinge over. But I went out for a test ride on the track bike today after fitting a new chainset, seat post and (most importantly) wheels. Everything was fine until I backpedalled to stop and then OUCH. Manchester is 2 weeks away. Think I’ve got a problem?

Solutions on a postcard please.

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